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Breed and coat colour to blame for overlooked Greyhounds?

Dogs Trust Manchester is appealing for homes for six dogs who they believe are being overlooked purely because of their breed and coat colour.

To help them find their forever homes, and change public perception about Greyhounds, staff are holding a special Greyhound Awareness Week from Saturday 24 March to help bust some of the myths about the breed.

Riley, Sinead, Sheikh, Hero, Micah and Mak are all black Greyhounds and have all seen many of their smaller furry friends head home with their new families. The team at the Denton based rehoming centre say they fear that this isn’t only because ‘cute and fluffy’ pooches attract more interest, but also because black dogs can often get overlooked and Greyhounds are a misunderstood breed.

Dawn Bishop, rehoming centre manager at Dogs Trust Manchester, says:

“We are determined to debunk the myths about Greyhounds and draw attention to our black beauties! These dogs have everything going for them but sadly black dogs are often passed up by people as there is a misconception that they aren’t as ‘pretty’ or ‘cute’ as others. Plus in the age of social media, it’s harder to take a good photograph of a black dog and we fear even that makes a difference!

“On top of that people think Greyhounds need lots of exercise and, for example, can’t live with cats or small animals but that isn’t necessarily the case, so we’re hoping that by holding an Awareness Week we can help people understand more about Greyhounds and find our super six their forever homes. 

Throughout the week there will be additional information at the rehoming centre about Greyhounds including those currently waiting for their forever homes at Dogs Trust Manchester, and the team will be on hand to help share facts and debunk myths about the breed.

All of the homeless hounds are ex-racers except Riley who was found as a stray. They all love a speedy sprint but then are happy to enjoy a snooze on a comfy sofa.

Dawn says:

“Sheikh is a sensitive soul and will be best suited to a quiet adult only home, but all of the others can live with older children and would be happy to share their home with a canine companion. Riley can even potentially live with a cat! We really hope dog-lovers give these fantastic dogs the second chance they deserve to live a happy life in a loving home.”

A few facts about Greyhounds:

  1. The Greyhound originated in Great Britain and is one of the oldest dog breeds in existence.
  2. It is the only recognised dog breed mentioned in the Bible.
  3. They are believed to be the fastest breed of dog on the planet – they can reach up to 45miles/hour over a short distance!
  4. Henry VIII and Queen Victoria were both proud owners of Greyhounds.

If you think you are the perfect match for any of these homeless hounds, please call 0300 303 0292