A ‘paw-fect’ opportunity for pupils to learn how to be dog friendly | Dogs Trust

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A ‘paw-fect’ opportunity for pupils to learn how to be dog friendly

Dogs Trust Manchester is offering Bury primary schools free workshops to help children understand dogs and ensure they can live safely and happily at home and in the community with man’s best friend.

The workshops, which also cover what it takes to keep a dog happy and healthy, support a range of curriculum subjects and tailored lessons can be created to suit the needs of the pupils.    

 Dogs Trust Education and Community Officer, Anna Baatz, says:

“Dogs Trust is committed to making sure we can live happily alongside dogs at home and when we’re out and about, so I deliver fun free workshops in primary schools throughout the year and would love to work with more schools in the borough.

“The workshops are fun and interactive and really help get key messages across, from what to do if a dog you don’t know approaches you, to understanding the incredible commitment it takes to care for a dog throughout its life.”

Last year, NHS data* revealed that over the past five years, children 16 and under accounted for around 8,000 hospital admissions as a result of dog bites– around four admissions every single day. Shockingly, 70% of these bites occurred on children aged 0-9 with the North West of England a particular hot spot.

Anna says:

“Whilst being around dogs can have so many wonderful benefits for young people, the simple fact is that any dog can bite or snap if worried, scared or hurt. Many of these bites are preventable and at Dogs Trust we believe educating children, as well as other family members, about dog safety, is the first step to preventing such incidents.

“In the workshops we teach the basics such as when not to approach a dog, how you can safely introduce yourself to a dog you don’t know and for children more nervous of dogs, how to feel more confident when around them.

“We hope that by helping young people understand how to behave around dogs we can help everyone stay safe and enjoy all the joy a canine companion can bring.”

Dogs Trust has a rehoming centre in Denton which, since opening in October 2014, has found forever homes for more than 2,800 dogs.

If you would like to discuss booking a workshop at your school or a local community venue, please call Anna on 0161 337 3613 or e-mail.

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