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‘Bark’ to school in Oldham for four-legged friends and families

From next month, Dogs Trust Dog School will be holding classes for families and their dogs at Sholver Community Centre in Oldham on Wednesday evenings.

Head Coach, Roxanne Fontanarosa, says:

“Pet dogs don't need to be obedience competition champions but most owners need their dog to sit when asked, walk calmly on a loose lead, come back when called and settle down when they stop to natter to their neighbour or pop to a café.

“We teach these behaviours using reward-based methods, to help owners reward their dogs for making the right choices during their training; that may be giving them a tasty treat, giving them lots of praise, or playing their favourite game. If a dog is rewarded for the desired behaviour, they are more likely to repeat it.”

The team will be running classes for puppies, adolescent dogs (18 weeks – 18 months) and adult dogs (over 18 months).

To find out more visit, e-mail [email protected] or call the team on 07423 686 207.