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Why we think Staffies are great!

Currently at Dogs Trust Manchester we have four very special Staffordshire Bull Terriers all looking for their #SpecialSomeone so we thought we’d give you some lovely facts about the breed.

  • Staffies are really affectionate and have so much love to give. Unfortunately we see a lot of them at Dogs Trust due to overbreeding or through people not realising how much care and attention they need.
  • Staffies are full of energy and owners of these fantastic dogs soon notice how fit they get from all the exercise they have to do with them.
  • Staffies are intelligent and fun-loving, so they need owners who have plenty of time to play with them and like lots of toys to keep them busy.
  • Staffies absolutely love very tough and non-destructive toys to chew on! Make sure you supervise them and don’t leave your dog unattended with toys – especially if they love tearing them up!


Diesel is a gorgeous 2 year old Staffordshire bull terrier who is a bundle of energy and loves nothing more than playing with his toys, especially balls and rope toys! Diesel loves his food and going out on nice walks in quieter places. He is a clever boy who enjoys learning new things and using his brain. He also enjoys a fuss once he gets to know you. Diesel enjoys travelling in the car to go to new places and on new adventures.

Jack is an 8 year old Staffie who is looking for a home where he can get all the TLC he deserves. He loves his human pals and would like a home with someone around for the majority of the day to help him settle and find his paws. Jack loves to play with his toys and would like to have a secure garden of his own where he can play to his hearts content! He would suit an active family that can take him on all their adventures and discover new places together!

Lionel is a friendly 7 year old Staffordshire bull terrier looking for a calm, predictable forever home to give him all the love he deserves. Lionel likes meeting new people and enjoys a cuddle and a fuss on his terms once he gets to know you. He loves playing with his toys and going out and about on walks and exploring. Although Lionel is willing to get into a car, frequent car travel must be non-essential as this can make Lionel very nervous.

Ronnie is a very handsome two year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier looking for his forever family. He loves to play with his toys and loves his cuddles and enjoys nothing than a lovely play session in the garden finished with a snuggle on the sofa with his favourite people! He loves to meet new people and always wants to say hello.

If you would like any more information about Staffordshire Bull Terriers or are interested in any of our gorgeous boys, then please call us on 0161 337 3600.