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It’s an SRO dogs life!

Bailey is my dog, and he often accompanies me to many events and talks to help spread the word about the work of Dogs Trust. The other week Bailey had a busy time, with two events happening in one day! In the morning we were lucky enough to be invited to an event that a major funeral directors had arranged to help us think about planning our futures, including the parts we often don’t want to think about, like plans for our loved ones when we are no longer here. It was a great networking event to speak to lots of other charities and organisations about the ways in which they can help to plan our futures, and they of course wanted to hear lots about our Canine Care Card. The Canine care card is a free scheme ran by Dogs Trust, that provides you with peace of mind knowing that Dogs Trust will take care of your dog should you pass away before they do. You can find more information on the scheme here.

Later that day, me and Bailey headed off to do a talk at Marple and District WI, where we were met with a really warm welcome and much to Bailey’s interest, lots of cake! Thankfully I took some treats with me, so he made full use of those instead! Then it was time for home, and an early night for us both. If you or someone you know would like me and Bailey to come along to talk to your group about the work of Dogs Trust, please get in touch and we will gladly arrange this with you, on [email protected] or 0161 337 3605.