Dogs Trust

Home From Home at DT Manchester

Dogs Trust receives a number of dogs that just aren’t cut out for kennels – these may be puppies, older dogs, dogs with injuries/medical conditions, dogs that can’t cope in kennels or sometimes we just run out of space.

We are looking for foster carers who are happy to take dogs into their home until we are able to find a forever home for them. Foster carers play a huge role in a rescue dog’s life and by working with Dogs Trust, when you take a foster dog into your care you are not only helping that individual dog, you also allow us to help more dogs by creating more kennel space. All foster families will receive full support and advice regarding the dog in their care and we will equip you with everything you need such as food, bedding and veterinary treatment. Like us rescue dogs come in all shapes, sizes and with different personalities so whatever your experience level, we will endeavour to place the most appropriate dog into your care.

We are particularly in need of foster carers without any other animals, as some dogs prefer to be the only animal in the home so that they can lap up all of the attention.

Do you have a house that isn’t on a main road? Some dogs need to be away from main roads as they can easily get spooked by traffic.

Do you have a multi-carer household? Some of our dogs don’t cope very well on their own at the start and so having somebody with them initially all the time allows them to settle in and then you can gradually teach them that it’s ok to be left.

Do you have a medium to large secure garden? This would be great to allow the dogs to have some off lead play time.

Do you have experience of specific breeds such as large bull breeds? It’s great to have fosterers on board who have experience of particular breeds as they understand their characters and quirks. We often get Bull Breeds in to the centre, and as they love to be with people they are often a breed which struggles with kennel life.

Unfortunately we do ask that there be no young children in the household. Dogs who are going into foster homes have often been through a lot of changes, for example routine, homes, owners/carers and they need a little extra attention, TLC and a quieter environment to help them settle into their new temporary environment.

If you would like to know more about our fostering scheme or have any questions to ask then please contact our Home From Home Co-Ordinator Tracey Hill on 0161 337 3600 or email [email protected].