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Golden Oldies looking for a place in front of the fire this Winter

Dogs Trust Manchester has three very special dogs, all hoping to find their comfy spot on the sofa as Winter draws in.


Jess is an adorable Corgi Cross who loves nothing more than good old snuggle. She may be 11 years old but her favourite thing to do is to play with squeaky toys and go on adventures. She also loves her food! Typical Corgi!

Jess can woof at other dogs so will need to live in an area with fewer dogs however she is very well behaved when out and about and is a pleasure to walk. Jess could potentially live with sensible children aged over 8 years old who are comfortable around dogs and she is used to being left for a few hours.


Jack is a lovely 8 year old Staffordshire Bull terrier who just loves human company. He would like somebody who would be initially at home for most of the day whilst he settled into his new home. He would love to live with more than one person so his leaving hours can be built up.

Jack loves to play with toys and would love to have his own garden to run around in. He used to live and be kennelled with another dog however he has become a little bit stressed so we recommend that he is the only dog in the home. His home ideally needs not to be open plan so he can find his own little safe place where he can settle.


Dapple is a wonderful & sprightly 12 year old Dalmatian Cross. She just loves playing, especially fetch, and finding toys that squeak! Her new home needs to have its own garden so she can play to her hearts content.

Dapple does need a single-owner, adult household with no visiting children as they can overwhelm her a bit – but she could potentially have a feline friend!

If you are interested in any of these dogs – please call 0161 337 3600 or pop in and say hello!