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Do you have a comfy sofa for our Butch?

Butch is a wonderfully, cuddly 9 year old #Staffie looking for his perfect retirement home. If you have never had a dog before, Butch would be the perfect introduction into dog ownership as he is so easy to look after.

His favourite things in life are cuddles, snoozing on the sofa, bum scratches and people. He’s great with children aged 8+. He can be worried by boisterous dogs but can lead walk at a distance with other calm dogs and his new home would have to be feline free. He would need to be the only dog in the home though so he can have all of the attention!

Butch doesn’t like walking very far, he soon lets you know by sitting down until you turn around and walk back home – on one walk with his fosterer recently he did that but didn’t realise it would have been a shorter walk home if he had continued on his journey!!

Butch loves his sleeps on the sofa and can be left on his own for 4-5 hours, his foster carer came home once and struggled to wake him up as he was so comfy!

He especially likes sitting on the bench in the front garden in the Summer and say hello to everyone who walks past!

Butch is a very laid back character and is really hoping to find his forever family very soon. He does have some medical needs which we are happy to assist with. If you would like more information about this gorgeous boy then please call 0161 337 3600 or contact [email protected].