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Assistant Training and Behaviour Advisor Katy Errock tells why everyone should love Betty

Betty is a beautiful, big-hearted and big-eared but deaf eleven-year-old Collie Cross.

When I first met Betty she was a little wary of me but after she realised I had some tasty treats and I wasn’t trying to fuss her, our friendship blossomed and she is now my new best friend!

After a few days I started to introduce her to more people at Dogs Trust Manchester so she could make more friends but it was still quite clear we had a very special bond I am proud to say! I would go and sit in her kennel with her and have a cuddle as she loves nothing more than sitting on your knee and giving you a few kisses. Even after her vet visits which she gets quite worried about and finds stressful, she will cuddle up to you for a fuss to calm her down.

Being deaf doesn’t mean she is slow to learn and she is great at following hand signals including being able to sit, paw, down, touch / target to hand and as a well done we use a thumbs up. She also is good at recall when you crouch down and open your arms.

Betty really enjoys the company of other dogs and has regularly shared a kennel and gets on with most although she does prefer the less boisterous ones as she is now an older lady.

She still has a great sense of fun despite her advancing years and enjoys chasing and playing but after a little while she wants a quiet potter and a cuddle, which I’m more than happy to be on hand for! She walks nicely on the lead and enjoys exploring new places although she can get overwhelmed when seeing lots of new people as being deaf she likes to be aware of what’s going on around her so things don’t startle her, which is entirely understandable.

She has been with Dogs Trust for a long time and we don’t understand why. She is adorable and ever since meeting Betty and her finding a special place in my heart I have made it my mission to find her a home. She is such a wonderful and sweet lady who has so much to offer. All she needs is patient and understanding owners that will allow her the time to settle and offer her a nice retirement home. She has spent far too long in kennels and I want nothing more than for her to find her special someone.