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A Dog is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

Once again, this Christmas will see the team at Dogs Trust Manchester giving dogs that have found themselves without a home, the best Christmas possible whilst they wait for their special someone.

The charity’s slogan, ‘A Dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ is as relevant today as it was when it was first adopted almost 40 years ago, as sadly each year hundreds of dogs are handed over to the team at the Manchester Rehoming Centre. The staff look after strays, smuggled puppies and of course dogs who have had to leave their families for a variety of reasons, from illness in the family to relationship breakdown or a change in working hours.

Whilst here at Dogs Trust Manchester, every dog is given everything they need but they all have their paws crossed in the hope of finding a forever family once more. Here are just some who are hoping to have found a space on the sofa in their ideal homes in time for Christmas.

Name: Skye

Age: 4

Breed: Crossbreed

Skye is a fantastic 4 year old Crossbreed, who's looking for loving & patient owners with an active lifestyle! She can be a little bit wary when meeting new people, but Skye has a group of special friends who she loves to spend time with. She LOVES playing with her toys, especially tennis balls and really enjoys her food & enrichment activities!

Name: Murray

Age: 3

Breed: Retriever Cross

Marvellous Murray is an exceedingly handsome 3 year old retriever cross who is on the search for his forever home. He would like his new owner to be very active and experienced so that he can show off and learn some new tricks. Murray LOVES toys, and food, and cuddles with his friends here at the centre and would love nothing more than showing that special someone how affectionate he can be.

Name: Eva

Age: 4

Breed: Eva is gorgeous & friendly 4 year old Akita looking for an active family to call her own. She LOVES nothing more than exploring the great outdoors, so she is hoping she can join her new family on lots of adventures. She also LOVES human attention, so she needs a multi-carer household, with someone around for most of the day. Once she gets to know you, she enjoying having cuddles.

Name: George

Age: 6

Breed: Mastiff Cross

Gorgeous George is a 6 year old Mastiff Cross. He is an exceptional character who has stolen many hearts here at the centre. Once George gets to know you well he loves nothing more than having a fuss & a cuddle. He can be wary of new people at first so please expect multiple visits to the centre. George is a clever pooch; he really enjoys training & learning new things. He's active too and loves nothing more than having a mooch & explore around.

Name: Brooke


Breed: Crossbreed

Beautiful Brooke is a lively 2 year old Crossbreed who is looking for an active home. She loves cuddles with her human friends at the centre and learning new tricks that she can show off. She loves walks, playing and tasty treats! She does love exploring new places and wants active owners who will take her out and continue her dog socialisation as she is going to be the only dog in the home.

If you think you could offer any of these dogs their ideal homes, please call the centre on 0161 337 3600.