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Is a Husky or Malamute the right breed for you?

For over 9,500 years Huskies and Malamutes have been trained as working dogs and originated from the polar regions. Recently we have had quite a few Huskies come into our care, so we thought we would explain a bit more about the breeds…

Siberian Huskies

Huskies are working dogs, originally bred to pull sleds to help with hunting and transport. In the early 20th century, they began to be used for sled racing.

They are medium sized dogs that are built for power, speed and endurance and come in all colours and markings. They enjoy vigorous walks (and or running) for at least 1-2 hours a day. Huskies can have a strong desire to run free or chase small furries; so good recall, training and use of a long line is essential.

Huskies have a good temperament and don’t tend to bark but love to howl; sometimes just for the fun of it! They love to be part of a pack so a home with minimal leaving hours would be best.

They are a non-hypoallergenic breed and require daily grooming (if they are comfortable with this) to keep their thick coat well looked after.

Alaskan Malamutes

Originally Malamutes were bred to pull heavy loads in extremely harsh weather conditions, with their thick coats withstanding chilly temperatures.

Malamutes are typically much bigger than a huskies and can be very friendly but sometimes very aloof! They can also be quite independent at times and it can take a while to build up a bond. Malamutes also need lots of exercise (1-2 hours at least a day) and can pull on the lead; so training at an early age is essential.

They love to howl, some, like to dig and chase small furries, so potential adopters need to be aware of their prey drive.

Malamutes have thick fur, that can be as deep as two inches! They are non-hypoallergenic and in warm temperatures or homes they can shed a lot of fur.

If you think a husky or malamute sounds like the paw-fect breed for you, read more about our current huskies for adoption…



Is a 7-year-old husky who is at her happiest when she is keeping busy and out on adventures. She is a keen learner who is best motivated by chicken, fish and especially loves toys that squeak!

She is a very sweet girl who shows her fun character after a couple of meets and loves to greet you with a bit of friendly husky chat!

Type of home needed

- Secure garden with fences higher than 6ft

- Adopters with experience of huskies

- Non-open plan home as Heidi needs her space around food

- Adult-only home and no visiting young children

- Only pet in the home with no neighbouring outdoor animals

- Heidi’s new home must be within an hour of the centre


Barney is a handsome 4 year old Husky who enjoys a gentle fuss on his terms especially an ear scratch. He enjoys a quiet walk and sniffing in the grass and bushes.

Type of home needed

- Quiet, predictable home  

- Minimal leaving hours initially as he doesn’t like being left alone

- Non-open plan home

- Secure garden

- Owners to continue his dog socialisation and build confidence

- Can live with children over 14 but must be walked by an adult

- Adopters to preferably have breed experience

- Secure garden with at least a 6ft fence

- Must be the only dog in the home but he does enjoy meeting dogs out and about