Do you have the patient, loving home Rosie needs?

Lovely Rosie is a small 2-year-old German Shepherd x Staffordshire Bull Terrier looking for a very special home. Rosie is an anxious girl who can be easily overwhelmed, but once she does know you she really shows her affectionate side! 


She is a super foody girl and loves a tasty chew and is great at food searches, kongs and destruction boxes! Rosie has started to show a cheeky playful side, she loves to charge around with her toys, throwing them in the air and catching them again - balls and soft toys are her absolute favourite!

Rosie loves being active and enjoys going on adventures in very quiet areas where she can relax and have her own space to explore. Rosie has not been socialised with other dogs and must go on adventures in extremely low dog areas. She can travel in the car, Rosie prefers to sit on the back seat with her favourite human pals to along on adventures to quieter areas.

Rosie recently went on a home trial for 3 days with one of her handlers. She found it difficult to settle on the 1st day but settled well at night-time. Rosie enjoyed sleeping in front of the TV before bed.

On the 2nd day Rosie was happy to play in the garden but a bit vocal outside. She also went out on a walk to Reddish Vale, Rosie was unsure of some passers by but enjoyed fusses and playing in quieter areas. Her periods of pacing/whining reduced and she settled for longer periods. 

On day 3 Rosie was noticeably less stressed but still unsettled. She enjoyed playing in the garden and followed her handler around the house!

Overall, Rosie is a lovely girl. She is a project dog and will need patient owners that will give her time to settle into the home and adjust to her new life.

To find out more about adoption call 0161 337 3600 (lines are open from 8:30am- 5pm everyday) or visit lovely Rosie's profile here.