Could Heidi the Husky be your new best friend?

Heidi is a gorgeous 8 year old Husky who was handed over to us on the 20th November 2020, she is a very sweet girl who has been with us longer than she deserves. Heidi is at her happiest when she is on an adventure or playing with her favourite squeaky toy! It will take a couple of meets before she shows her full character but once she gets to know you she is always excited to see you!

Heidi would make an ideal walking companion as she loves walks, is good on lead and enjoys saying hello to other dogs.  Whilst she has been at the centre in the winter months, she really enjoyed the cold and snowy weather! In the home she is very calm and enjoys playing with her toys outside or indoors. Heidi is a typical husky, she can be quite vocal and can occasionally howl or ‘talk’ when she wants something or gets giddy.

She is a very independent lady who will seek affection on her own terms. Heidi displays obvious body language when she is uncomfortable, so this should always be listened to.

Type of home needed:

  • Secure garden with fences over 6ft due to Heidi jumping this previously.
  • Adult only home with minimal visitors and no visiting children.
  • No neighbouring outdoor animals, small furries or other pets in the home due to her high prey drive.
  • Non-open plan home with limited access to the kitchen due to Heidi guarding around food.

Let’s see what some of Heidi’s handlers think of her:

“Don’t be fooled by her age, Heidi loves long adventures filled with sniffing and meeting friendly dogs! When you have built a bond, her cheeky personality comes out!” – Emma

“She’s a talker! When you come home from work Heidi will tell you all about her day then play with her favourite toys!” – Sarah

“Heidi is equally happy trekking up a hill or chilling in the garden with a fluffy toy! She’s a four year old in an eight year old’s body!” – Corinna


Are you the patient and understanding adopters Heidi has been waiting for? Call 0161 337 3600 to find out more about adoption!