Can you give Charlie the Collie Cross the forever home he needs?

Charlie is a 5 year old Collie Cross who came to the centre on 30th October 2019. He was found as a stray and has since gone into a home temporarily however this didn’t work out and he was returned on 23rd December 2019.

Charlie is a 5-year-old Collie x Labrador who is looking for a very special home to settle into. He is truly one of a kind and has stolen the hearts of everyone here at the centre.

Charlie is super fun and loves nothing more than racing around chasing after his toys - tennis balls are his absolute favourite. He’s a very clever boy who loves to learn new things in exchange for a tasty treat. Charlie would make an excellent companion for an active adult family, who love going on long walks and want to get Charlie involved in other activities, such as agility. He also travels well in the car so will be an excellent companion for adventures further afield! Charlie does take a long time to build a bond and trust you, but once he does, he really shows his affectionate side and loves to cuddle up to you and give the best kisses!

Let’s see what some of our staff think about Charlie:

“Charlie is an extra special boy who has stolen the hearts of all his friends here at the centre. He never fails to put a smile on my face and brighten my day. His cheeky smile and even cheekier personality are infectious and he’s just great fun to be around! In the time I’ve known Charlie, I’ve completely fallen in love with him – he’s such a quick learner and just loves to please! After a fun filled adventure and a play with his favourite toys, he loves nothing more than to settle down with his best human pals for a snuggle and give the sloppiest kisses! He’s such a wonderful boy and I feel so privileged to have him in my life!”

- Jack (Canine Carer)


“Charlie is an amazing little lad that I have had the pleasure of getting to know! He loves spending time with his favourite people and is a great companion for adventures. He is always fun to watch when he’s playing with his toys and I enjoy having a cuddle with him! He is so deserving of a loving home that will help him settle and feel comfortable! Charlie will make a great companion for a very lucky home!”

- Maisie (Canine Carer)


“Charlie is a very active and loveable dog when he gets to know you and will make a amazing addition into the right home, Charlie is looking for a adult family that have a patient quiet and predictable environment that he can thrive. Charlie will need ongoing training in his new home however the team at the centre will guide new Adopters through this and teach them everything they need to know and we are sure that all of this training and attention will pay off and he will make the best adventure buddy”.

- Charlotte (Training Team)

Type of home needed:

Charlie is looking for a very specific and special forever home as he is an anxious boy, who can be easily overwhelmed, so he will need a home with a predictable routine.

  • Detached house in a quiet, rural location, set back from roads and paths as Charlie can be reactive to people and other dogs when out and about.
  • Non-open plan home to separate Charlie from the front door with a secure garden.
  • Adult only home with minimal visitors and no visiting children as he can be worried by new people.
  • Minimal leaving hours initially
  • Patient and calm owners who are willing to help Charlie settle.
  • Charlie is generally a friendly dog with people he trusts, he loves to play with toys and is a real foodie.
  • He is worried by strangers and some other dogs so he must wear a muzzle when in public places. Unfortunately like many other dogs that are required to wear a muzzle this can put off some potential adopters if they feel like they do not have enough experience, some might be worried about how others would view him in their neighbourhood or out on walks or even that he is a danger. 


On a positive note, we have and will continue working with Charlie on his muzzle training and behaviour and he is improving day by day!

Our Training and Behaviour team work on the best behaviour modification programme for Charlie and our Canine Carers are working with him on a daily basis to build his confidence and prepare him for life after kennels.