5 Wellbeing tips your dog

We need to think about our dogs' wellbeing in the same way we think about our own. Here are some helpful tips to keep your dog feeling paw-sitive!


It’s easy to underestimate how much movement your dog needs on a daily basis. An inactive dog can build up too much excess energy, which can often lead to destructive behaviour or separation anxiety.

Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise for their age, size and breed. If you can’t take them out on normal walks, (due to lockdown restrictions for example) why not introduce some regular at home exercise sessions to keep them entertained and burn off that energy! Read more on our blog -> Interacting with your dog indoors


Grooming isn’t just for show dogs! All canine companions benefit from some form of physical upkeep from nail to hair trims, of course, your specific breed of dog and their behaviour will determine their needs.

Long-haired dogs should be brushed at least three times per week however, if your dog isn’t comfortable with grooming, build this up gradually at home. Bathing your dog on a monthly basis is a good idea. Just make sure that you’re using natural shampoos that are free of chemicals. View our Dogs Trust grooming range


Dogs can’t always communicate with us when they are in pain or feeling unwell. Make sure to practice things like restraining for the vets, checking eyes/teeth etc so your dog is used to being checked; as this can lead to issues when they do go to the vets. Keep up to date with your dogs vaccinations, flea/worm treatments and make sure they have a regular check-ups at the vets, to insure they’re in tip top condition and feeling great! Find a Vet

Be consistent/ have a routine

Dogs love routine and consistency. If dogs are used to the same things happening at the same time each day, they can get worried by change. Giving your dog their meals at the same time everyday and walks is a great way to set a routine. Your dog also needs to understand what behaviours are expected of them. For example, you might think it’s a treat to let your dog sit on the sofa or sleep upstairs (when they wouldn’t ordinarily be allowed), however, this can confuse your dog into thinking it is something they’re being rewarded for; which then might not be allowed on another day. You can read more about this here -> Keeping your dog happy indoors  


Kongs, snuffle mats, puzzle feeders and destruction boxes are all great ways to keep your dog entertained and get their brains working! Plus it’s a nice treat for them to enjoy too. How to make an enrichment box for your dog