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8 things to do with your dog indoors during lockdown

Staffie lying on couch

At the moment we are all spending a lot more time at home with our four legged friends!

Now more than ever we are all trying to stick to a routine for our own wellbeing, but this applies to our dogs too!

Giving your dogs structure and stability will help keep them happy but keeping them entertained is just as important; so here are a few ideas for staying in with your dog!

  1. DIY scavenger hunt - Hide treats around your home or in your garden (as long as it’s secure!). It’s a great enrichment activity for your dog and will keep them busy whilst you’re about to take a Zoom call or have a break for yourself!
  2. Fill a kong or create your own – You can use an old egg box or tea tray and smear xylitol free peanut butter inside, your dog will be entertained for ages plus they will love you for this tasty treat!
  3. Use a snuffle mat or puzzle feeder to change up mealtimes - Your dog will love sniffing out the food and it is a great boredom buster! Don’t have a snuffle mat? Here’s a video on how to make your own snuffle mat. Don’t have a puzzle feeder? Here are some ideas of how to create your own DIY dog treats.
  4. Why not teach your dog some new tricks? - We have plenty of videos to keep you and your dog entertained on the @dogschoolmanchester and @dogstrust_manchester Instagram accounts, ranging from teaching your dog to High Five to boop the snoot training! Tag us in your videos using #ADogIsForLife 
  5. Switch it up! - Why not switch up your dog’s toys? Hide some of their toys for them to find around the home or garden.
  6. Sofa Snuggling – Practice your settle exercise whilst you enjoy your favourite TV show. Learn how to get your dog to settle here.
  7. Grooming – Spend some time grooming your dog (if they find this relaxing and enjoy to be groomed!).   
  8. Create a calm corner for your pooch – Lastly, let your dog have some quiet time. The house during lockdown will generally be a lot busier, so give them some time to relax or have a nap! Here’s a link to creating your own doggy den! Create a den for your dog!

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