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He's a real S-Marty pants!

Lovely Lurcher looking for his Forever Home

Marty the Lurcher at Dogs Trust Manchester

We'd like to introduce you to Marty. He's a very friendly 1-year-old Lurcher who arrived a little while ago.

We were lucky enough to spend some time with him this week and as you can see in his video he's easy to fall in love with.

Not only is he incredibly handsome – I mean just look at those eyes!! – but he has such a sweet nature about him. He’s very gentle and clearly loves human attention. His handler told us that he loves quiet cuddles after he’s had his exercise sessions. When he’s out and about he walks perfectly on lead and really enjoys sniffing out all the exciting areas he passes through.

The best part though is how playful he is. As soon as you get some toys out he gets so giddy it’s just adorable! He’ll play for ages and just keeps coming back to you for more.

He’s learning lots in his training sessions too. As he loves his treats so much he’s very eager to please if there’s something tasty coming his way.

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Contact the Manchester Rehoming Centre on 0161 337 3600 if you might be his Special Someone.