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UPDATE: Our rehoming centres are closed until further notice, however we are now able to rehome a small number of our amazing dogs. Each dog’s profile will let you know if they are looking for a new home. For the time-being, we are unable to register your interest for dogs who are not yet available for rehoming.

Going the extra mile(s)!

Charlie spends a day hiking in the Peak District

Charlie and Cameron in the Peak District

Here at Dogs Trust Manchester our staff regularly go the extra mile to ensure our dogs are well loved and looked after, but one of our Canine Carers took that quite literally last week!

Cameron Chatton, who has worked at the Manchester rehoming centre for four months enjoys days out on the hills in his free time and decided to take a four-legged walking buddy with him to enjoy the great outdoors.

Charlie, a 5 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, had been with us for a few weeks and Cameron immediately noticed his love for being out and about. He tells us:

"As soon as I met Charlie I knew he’d be a great dog to have out on a day hiking. He is full of energy, like most Staffys, and he loves sniffing and exploring so it seemed a no brainer to give the lad a big treat and take him out with me on my day off.

He had an absolutely brilliant time! It was great to see him enjoying himself so much. He seemed to really love the mix of terrains, giving so much to investigate. Having him on a long line lead meant he had the sense of real freedom, but of course I was still able to keep him nearby should I have needed to.

We ended up doing a 7 mile round trip and summited Kinder Scout and I have no doubt that given the opportunity he would have gone round again!"

You can see in the video below just how much fun Charlie had on his big day out.

An even happier ending to our story is that Charlie has since been adopted and is now settling in to his forever home. GO CHARLIE!!