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We join gorgeous Gonzo on a training session

Gonzo the Lurcher at Dogs Trust Manchester

Today we spent some time with Gonzo, a one-year-old Lurcher who is currently looking for his forever home.

He’s a very bouncy lad with lots of energy, so it’s good to be able to exercise his brain as well as his body.

Since he’s so smart we decided to follow him on one of his training sessions at Dogs Trust Manchester. He’s already been picking up some simple commands like ‘Sit’ and ‘Down’, but today his handler was working on his ‘Settle’. This is a very useful behaviour to encourage your dogs to do as it really helps them to wind down and relax.

As you can see from the little video he is picking it up really well and he knows that his mat is a safe space where he can lay and not worry about anything.

Following his training session, he is rewarded with plenty of cuddles and some fun playtime, because we all know what all work and no play can do!

If you think you might be the Special Someone that Gonzo is looking for the find out more about him on his profile page.