Rio the Jack Russell Terrier at Dogs Trust Manchester

Autumnal Enrichment: A fun idea to keep our pooches happy this World Mental Health Day

So Autumn is well and truly with us now.

We love this season...when the air develops a cool crispness and the leaves start falling. Do you notice how everything starts to smell different? Imagine how exciting that is for our dogs when their noses start picking up lots of enticing new scents. To make the most out of this wonderful time of the year we’re using freshly fallen leaves to add some enrichment to our dogs daily lives at Dogs Trust Manchester.

Scent searching is a wonderful way to improve or maintain the good mental health of our pets. By using leaves in tubs or large containers it gives the dogs an interesting place to sniff and search out treats. Take a look at our video to see how you can do this yourself at home.

Just watch how our dogs enjoy having their senses stimulated by all the smells and textures!

A couple of safety tips

  • Only use freshly fallen dry leaves so your dogs can easily search through them.
  • Don’t use leaves from the Horse Chestnut tree as we know conkers can upset our dogs tummies.
  • Keep an eye on your dog and help them search to make it more fun for them.
  • You can use edible treats like we did, but if you’re worried your dog might eat the leaves too then simply use their favourite toys instead. They’ll still enjoy having a good sniff through the leaves!

So go ahead and get gathering some lovely fresh leaves and have lots of fun with your pooches at home.