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A Right Royal Reunion!

Our Royal Wedding puppies reunite on the first wedding anniversary of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Dogs Trust Manchester's Royal Wedding puppies reunite one year on

As Harry and Meghan prepare to celebrate their first wedding anniversary this weekend, we have been celebrating our own royal anniversary here in Manchester.

One year ago, while the royal couple were marrying in Windsor, a litter of 10 Akita Labrador crossbreeds were leaving for their forever homes. They had been born right here at the centre on National Puppy Day (23rd March 2018) following their mother Suki arriving heavily pregnant only days before. In honour of the Prince and his future Princess they were named Harry, Meghan, Duchess, Prince, William, Henry, George, Windsor, Charlie and Albert.

Suki was a wonderful mummy to her brood and raised them herself, with a little help from our centre staff and when the big day finally arrived for the crowds to wave the Duke and Duchess off to their reception, we were waving off the siblings to their new lives.

Now fast forward one year and we were honoured to have eight of the litter, plus Mummy Suki come back to the Manchester Rehoming Centre for a reunion! Unfortunately Harry and Prince were unable to attend due to prior engagements, but everyone else had a great time.

We’re very happy to report that everyone is doing really well. We could see that everyone had mastered their basic training. What was even better was seeing how well they all got on with each other. Seeing them all greet one another with such excited waggy tails was amazing. Even Suki looked super happy to see her babies all grown up.

Take a look at the video and you’ll see just what a difference a year can make!