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A dog is for life, not just for Christmas®

This year Dogs Trust Loughborough has found forever homes for 600 dogs, from those who through no fault of their own could sadly no longer stay with their families to those who were found wandering the streets as strays.

Whatever the reason they have found themselves without a forever home, the team at Dogs Trust Loughborough makes sure they have everything they need whilst they are at the rehoming centre waiting for their special someone to walk through the doors and fall in love with them. 

As Christmas approaches, the charity is keen to remind everyone of their slogan, ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas®’ which is 40 years old this year, in the hope that 2019 will see fewer four-legged friends without a home. 

Whilst millions of families enjoy their Christmas with their canine companions, the Dogs Trust Loughborough team will be making sure that those without a home of their own have the best time possible. Here are a few that have their paws crossed in the hope that they have found their place on a comfy sofa before the New Year celebrations begin. 

12 Dogs of Christmas

Name: Conker

Age: Terrier

Breed: 3

Conker likes to be busy! He is never happier than when he has got something to occupy his sharp, young mind – whether that’s playing with his toys or sniffing and exploring on an interesting walk.

Conker can be shy with new people so he will need owners who will let him settle in at his own pace and he doesn’t like to be fussed too much. But once he gets to know you he is a sweet boy with a loving personality.

Conker would like a home without children as he prefers a quieter life and he would like to be the only four-legged friend. 

Name: Dazl and Honey

Breed: Greyhounds

Age: 4

Dazl and Honey are a devoted duo. They are both are ex-racers and are best friends looking for a home together.

Dazl is a lively boy who only has eyes for Honey when it comes to four-legged friends, and Honey gains a lot of confidence from being by Dazl’s side.

They will be a lovely addition to a patient family who can help them settle into the joys of life in a loving home. They can live with older teenagers and are hoping to be settling down on a comfy sofa soon. 

Name: Alfred

Age: Greyhound

Breed: 5

Beautiful Alfred has left his racing days behind him for sure, although he is still a very speedy and spritely chap! He has a lovely playful side but, like many greyhounds, after a quick burst of energy he can be found happily snoozing on his duvet. However he wouldn’t turn the opportunity down for a day trip!

Alfred likes to take his time to get to know you but once he does, he is more than happy to spend time relaxing with his two-legged friends. He would like an adult-only home with no other pets. 

Name: Maisie

Age: Akita

Breed: 5

Maisie is a beautiful, bright girl who really enjoys her training! She already knows sit and how to give her paws which she does very enthusiastically! Maisie doesn’t like to be home alone and will need further work with her housetraining so is looking for a family with someone around throughout most of the day to help with this.

She would love to be the only pet in the home so she can be the centre of attention in her new family and lap up all the love. She would like to live with adults only. 

Name: Junior

Age: Border Collie Cross

Breed: 4

Junior arrived at Dogs Trust Loughborough in the summer and the team soon saw what a happy, energetic little chap he is!

He loves spending time with his two-legged friends although at first he can find new people, and places, a little concerning so he is looking for a family who will help build his confidence.

He can potentially live with another dog in his new home and will make a loyal and loving companion given the chance!

Name: Skippy

Age: Jack Russell Terrier

Breed: 8

Skippy found himself without a forever home due to a change in his owners’ circumstances.

He is super clever so would need someone who is able to spend lots of time with him to stimulate him both mentally and physically. He loves getting out and about and will thrive living with a family who love a day out as much as he does.

He can live with older teenagers but he likes to take his time to settle in new situations so is looking for patient adopters who are willing to let him get used to the world at his own space.

Name: Obi (pictured above)

Age: Border Collie Cross

Breed: 4

Obi is an outdoorsy kind of chap looking for a home with a secure garden in a quiet area where he can play or just chill out.

Obi is a clever Collie but he lacks confidence so he could potentially live with a female dog whose paw-steps he could follow in, which would really help him settle into his new forever home.

He is an affectionate boy once he knows you and has had the chance to build a bond. His new owners would ideally live within travelling distance of the rehoming centre as he may need to meet them a few times before heading home.

Name: Cooper

Age: Crossbreed

Breed: 8

Cooper is extremely intelligent and loves to show off his skills but unfortunately despite this, he has been waiting over a year at Dogs Trust Loughborough to find his new home.

He has a combination of needs but he is playful, is progressing really well with loose lead walking and he loves a cuddle once he knows you.

Cooper would suit an adult only home but could live with a canine companion. However, he would prefer a home with few visitors as he can be worried around people he doesn’t know.

Name: Roomba

Breed: Crossbreed

Age: 3

This boy is sure to bring bundles of fun to your life! Roomba has a lovely cheeky personality but is completely unaware of his size so the team would like him to live in a home without children.

He is strong on the lead but loves heading out on a great walk, he just needs someone to keep up with him and who will continue his ongoing training so he greets people politely.

He needs calm introductions to both people and his canine friends so he is looking for an owner who is willing to help him become the best he can be.

Name: Roxy

Age: German Shepherd

Breed: 7

Roxy will steal your heart! She arrived at the rehoming centre in the summer due to a change in her family’s circumstances and is more than ready to find her forever home.

She is lively, loving – and fluffy! She loves meeting and greeting new people and will be by your side no matter what. She adores being groomed – which is fortunate! – and loves heading out in the car for her next big adventure.

She is making good progress learning how to be relaxed around other dogs but would like to be the only dog in the home.

Name: Misty

Age: Crossbreed

Breed: 7

Marvellous Misty is the one for you if you are up for an adventure!

Once this lovely lady has got to know you she is extremely affectionate and would make an amazing canine companion.

Having been found as a stray, the team at Dogs Trust Loughborough have been helping Misty get used to being comfortable around other dogs and people and she’s making great progress. The team would work closely with her adopter to help her move to her forever home go as smoothly as possible, and she would be happy to share her new home with another dog.    

Name: Little Harry

Age: Jack Russell Terrier

Breed: 7

Little Harry was found wandering the streets as a stray and would love nothing more than to find a forever home with a loving owner.

The team say this quirky boy is bright and loves learning new things but he is a complex boy and would like to live with a single adult. He loves quality time on his own so would like a space to call his own in his new home and he is happy to snooze a few hours away alone. He will need to get to know his new owner before heading home so would like to meet them a few times at Dogs Trust Loughborough.

If any of these four-legged friends could be the one for you, please call 0300 303 0292.