Love always wins and we’re hoping for some winners as Pride month comes to an end at Dogs Trust Loughborough

Dogs Trust has been proud to celebrate and support Pride for over two decades, after first strutting our paws in the Brighton Pride Parade in 2000. At Dogs Trust Loughborough, there are two perfect pooches who are hoping as Pride month comes to an end, they will find their very own happy endings. 

True love comes in all shapes and sizes and Macey and Oscar are both searching for a specific, special home to call their own. Macey and Oscar equally find it harder to form bonds with men, so due to this, they would both be best suited to female-only homes. 

Whether you are a single female, a pair of best friends, sisters or a couple, could the end of Pride month be the perfect time to find your pawfect match? Macey and Oscar are hoping to be able to spread some love to forever families. 

Celine Di Crocco, Dogs Trust Loughborough Manager said:

“Macey and Oscar are both wonderful individuals, who have their own unique, but extremely lovable personalities. For a variety of reasons, they both find it much easier to bond with women, so would comfortably settle into female-only homes.” 

Meet the happy hounds looking for love: 


Macey, 4 years old, Border Collie Cross  

Macey is beautiful, with mesmerising eyes! She is super active and intelligent and is hoping to find a suitable family who can love her endlessly. She is currently working through some training to help her with the transition into a home which will need to be continued with her new family. Macey's absolute favourite thing to do is play with toys, and she can keep herself entertained for hours, but she will want to play fetch occasionally. She is bright and brilliant and has a very active brain that needs mental stimulation, on top of the physical stimulation she needs. 

Macey requires a female adult only home, where she is the only pet, this way she can be the real focus of her family. She would really benefit from a semi-rural to rural home with a secure garden. Although Macey needs to live with females only, once settled, she can be successfully introduced to males, with assistance from the Behaviour team.


Oscar, 10 years old, Border Collie  

Despite his age, Oscar is an active boy, who is quite quick on his paws! He adores playing with his favourite people and enjoys heading out on adventures. Oscar loves going in the car as it usually means a new exciting walk is just round the corner, and new walks equal new sniffs! They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but Oscar is super clever and is progressing really well with the training he has started at the centre. He does have a slightly shy side when it comes to meeting new people, but once you're in his friend club, the rewards are well worth it! 

Oscar is much happier in his own company, so would prefer to be the only pet in his new home. He would like a female adult only home and is very affectionate and cuddly once he builds up a bond with people. Oscar is a real foodie, which makes him a great training buddy - he enjoys using his brain and learning new things, so would love a family who enjoy training with him. 

If you are the fabulous female, looking to spread some more love before the end of Pride month and welcome a happy hound into your life, please visit to find out more and potentially meet your perfect match