Rescue dog finally finds forever home after six-year search

A Pomeranian who was found as a stray has found his forever home after a six-year search by the team at Dogs Trust Loughborough.   

Latte, now twelve, was looking for a special home as after having been found wandering the streets alone, he was wary of people he didn’t know and didn’t like being around other dogs. Staff felt he would thrive in a single-person household where there weren’t too many comings and goings, and they knew that his new owner would need to be patient and prepared to meet him many times at the centre to build a bond with him before he could go home with them.  

The team worked tirelessly to prepare Latte for the day when he could finally head off to a home of his own – and that day came when Aggie Czarnecka came along.  

Aggie says:  

“I had wanted a dog for a few years and I knew I wanted to rescue. I wasn’t bothered about the breed, I just wanted to be able to provide a dog in need with their perfect home. But I had always liked Pomeranians and when the time was right, I looked on the Dogs Trust website and there was Latte.   

“The team felt I could be the owner Latte had been waiting for, but they explained that I needed to take things at his pace. That was fine with me, I knew he’d be worth it!”  

Throughout his time at the Loughborough centre the training team worked with Latte teaching him techniques to help him remain calm if he saw other people or dogs when taking a walk, muzzle training, training around visiting the vet and not least, helping him be stress-free when it came to meeting new people.  

Hannah Graham, Assistant Manager at Dogs Trust Loughborough, says:  

“If Latte was ever to find a loving home, we needed to help him overcome his fear of strangers so he could meet potential adopters.   

“Over many, many months we taught him the ‘send away’ technique in our education house. This involved asking Latte to settle on a particular mat in exchange for a tasty treat. When he was comfortable with this, we gradually introduced a new person to the house, asking him to go to the mat whilst they entered and remained at a  distance, gradually moving closer over several visits.   

“We also spent a lot of time with him in the house so he could get used to the normal sounds and smells of living in a home and over time his confidence really grew.”  

Aggie says:  

“The team had made such great progress with him. Just like them, I wanted to  give him the best chance of being happy and loved in a home of his own, however long it took. So, for four months I spent time with him at least twice a week at the centre, and we started to build a bond. Then one day he jumped into my arms and we knew he was ready to come home. It was wonderful.  

 “He is now fully settled and has really helped me through these last few months of lockdown. He  is very affectionate, loves to be made a fuss of and is a joy to be around. He loves nothing more than heading out on a walk and he’s very clever. I can’t even whisper the word ‘yummies’ as he expects a treat if he hears that word!  

“I would encourage anyone thinking of rescuing a dog to be prepared to do whatever it takes to give them the opportunity of finding their forever home with you. I can’t imagine my life without Latte.”  

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