Have you only got eyes for Thomas this Valentine’s Day?

A homeless hound at Dogs Trust Loughborough is looking for a quiet forever home with people who prefer reading romantic novels than watching dating shows this Valentine’s Day.  

Six-year-old Thomas, a West Highland Terrier, is not a fan of the television and although he loves to curl up on your lap, he would much rather you were reading him sonnets than watching soap operas whilst he took a snooze.   

Celine Di Crocco, Manager at Dogs Trust Loughborough, says: 

“Thomas is a sweet boy who definitely knows what he likes, and what he doesn’t like.  He loves soft toys and gets quite giddy when he is playing, but the television is  definitely one of his dislikes. 

“He was originally handed over by his family because although he was much-loved,  his reactivity to the television was proving too disruptive for them. We have put a  training programme in place to

desensitise him to the TV and he’s doing really well.   

“We give him a snuffle mat with tasty treats in so he can focus on finding those and  at first we put a phone nearby playing a programme on mute, then over time that has  progressed to a low volume and now we’ve moved to an IPad and the final part of  the training will involve the TV playing. We are all proud of him and pleased he is  doing so well. We know this training will help him find his perfect home and we  really hope he captures someone’s heart this Valentine’s Day.”   

Thomas is looking for the love of no more than two adults in his new home and doesn’t want to share his home with any other pets. He enjoys short walks and nothing too strenuous as he has a problem with one of his back legs, which he has hydrotherapy for at the rehoming centre. Therefore, the team at Dogs Trust Loughborough would like his new home to be local to them so they can continue his treatment.  

Celine says:  

“Thomas really is a lovely boy and would suit a quiet, rural home where he can chill  out with his owners, perhaps in front of a lovely fire, but not in front of a noisy TV.” 

If you would like to find out more about Thomas, please click here or call the team on 01509 273349.  

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