Brother and sister doggie duo hope to find ‘paw-fect’ home at the double

Dogs Trust Loughborough is looking for a home for a devoted brother and sister doggie duo who have never spent a day apart.  

Five-year-old Akitas, Reg and Sophie, arrived at the Loughborough rehoming centre after a change in family circumstances meant they could no longer stay in the home where they had lived together since they were puppies.  

We are now looking for a new family for the pair, who can offer double the love and give this larger-than-life two-some their forever home.  

Celine Di Crocco, Dogs Trust Loughborough Manager, said: 

“Reg and Sophie are really attached to each other and are big, strong, bundles of fur and fun.  

“Akitas are known for being incredibly loyal family pets, and Reg and Sophie are a perfect example of that. They love being with people and are really affectionate - they don’t hold back if someone is happy to make a fuss of them!   

“They would suit an active household so they can enjoy heading out on great adventures alongside their new family.”   

Reg and Sophie can live with teenagers aged 15 and over and, as they are not used to being left home alone, they would like their family to be around all the time. Both would benefit from having a secure garden where they can run around off lead, and they would like to be the only pets in the home.   

Celine says: 

“Sophie is a very sweet lady and Reg has a big heart full of love for his sister, and everybody he meets! Taking two dogs on is of course a big responsibility, but it is so rewarding to see how happy they are together and we can guarantee it’ll be double the love for the lucky family that they become part of.”   

Dogs Trust Loughborough is currently closed for public browsing. If you think you could give Reg and Sophie their ideal home, please call the team on 01509 273349.  

Dogs Trust wants to change the tale for dogs like Reg and Sophie who find themselves without a forever home and wants to be there when dogs need them most. To see how you can help, please visit