Team hope new year brings new start for devoted Older Age Pooches

Dogs Trust Loughborough is looking for a retirement home for a pair of inseparable Older Age Pooches (OAPs) who found themselves without a forever home just a week before Christmas. 

Last year the team found ideal homes for 605 rescue dogs and they are hoping that nine-year-old Hungarian Vizsla, Bella, who has always lived with 13-year-old Beagle, Oscar, will be two of the first that they will wave a fond farewell to this year. 

Celine Di Crocco, Dogs Trust Loughborough Manager, says: 

“Oscar and Bella came to us through no fault of their own, just a change in their owner’s circumstances. They are devoted to each other and are really lovely. We would love to find them a home together as quickly as possible.” 

Since arriving, the team have found Bella to be young at heart. She is very lively and loves a game of fetch, whereas older gentleman Oscar enjoys regular walks and will welcome everyone with a lovely wag of his tail, but is then happy to entertain himself. 

Last year, Dogs Trust Loughborough found new homes for dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes and whilst at the centre they devoured around eleven tonnes of food, created almost 2,000 loads of washing and enjoyed around 7,800 miles of walks with volunteers. 

Celine says: 

“Last year was as busy as ever and currently we have 52 dogs who are ready to meet their special someone. We would encourage anyone who is ready to welcome a dog, or two, into their home, to choose to give a rescue dog a second chance. We are sure we’ll be able to find them their perfect four-legged friend.” 

Bella and Oscar can live with older teenagers but as they’d like to lap up all the love on offer they would prefer not to share their new home with other dogs, or cats. The team understand the devoted duo have spent a lot of time outside so will benefit from the chance to enjoy home comforts and snoozes on the sofa. 

To find out more about Bella and Oscar, please call the team at Dogs Trust Loughborough on 01509 273349.