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Special home (with extra comfy sofa) sought for senior staffie

The team at Dogs Trust Loughborough are hoping one of their older residents will soon be heading off to a home of his own where he can rest his paws and enjoy all the home comforts he dreams of. 

Eight-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross, Vincent, arrived at the rehoming centre back in February and it wasn’t long after that he was diagnosed with arthritis of the spine. Fortunately, Dogs Trust Loughborough has a hydrotherapy suite which is ideal for helping dogs like Vincent keep as mobile as possible, and to the joy of staff he took to the water instantly. 

Lily Woodford, Assistant Manager, says: 

“He’s a gorgeous older boy and he absolutely loves his hydro sessions which do him the world of good. So even after he’s headed off with his new family, we’d like him to keep coming back to us for those sessions, and of course we’d love to see him too!

“As he has arthritis his running days are far behind him but he is a happy boy and loves a nice, interesting walk so if someone is looking for a calm, canine companion to share gentle strolls with followed by a snooze on the sofa, then Vincent could be their ideal four-legged friend.” 

Vincent doesn’t like to be left home alone too much so he would like someone to be around most of the time. He would also like to be the only pet in the home and the team say that due to him being an older boy with arthritis, he’d like to live with adults only, so he doesn’t get caught up in the hustle and bustle of a busy household. 

Lily says:

“He will make a lovely pet in the right home. He definitely likes to be with people so a quiet household where someone can keep him company would be perfect. 

“He arrived in winter and we’re really hoping that he finds his forever home before the summer’s over. We’d love to know he was enjoying autumn and winter evenings curled up on a very comfy sofa in the home he deserves.” 

If you think Vincent could be the dog for you, please call Dogs Trust Loughborough on 01509 273349.