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Double the doggie love!

Dogs Trust Loughborough is on the look out for dog lovers with room in their home – and hearts – for two devoted dogs who are hoping to find equally devoted owners. 

Three-year-olds Lacie and Jess, Staffordshire Bull Terrier Crosses, have found themselves without a forever home due to a change in their family’s circumstances. Now the team at the rehoming centre are hoping that the doggie duo will find a forever home at the double. 

Celine Di Crocco, Dogs Trust Loughborough Manager, says: 

“Lacie and Jess really are true canine companions so we’re really hoping local dog-lovers are looking for double the doggie love. 

“They are a gorgeous pair. Lacie is the more confident one of the two and Jess definitely benefits from being alongside her so she can follow in her paw-prints if she is unsure of something. They are a joy to be around so fingers crossed their new home will be just around the corner!” 

Lacie is full of fun and loves a good run around but she is also very affectionate and loves her two-legged friends to make a fuss of her. Jess can be a little nervous in new situations but she takes the lead from Lacie and is a gentle girl who will make a loyal, faithful furry friend to whoever welcomes the two into their home. 

They want to be the only dogs in the home but could potentially live with other pets, including a cat, and can live with older teenagers. 

Celine says: 

“They will be a gorgeous addition to any family who is looking to have lots of doggie love in their life. Welcoming one let alone two dogs into your home is of course a huge commitment but it also means double the love and rewards so fingers crossed we will be waving a fond farewell to Lacie and Jess soon.” 

If you think you could give Lacie and Jess their ideal home, please call 01509 273349.