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‘Odd couple’ of canine companions hoping to sniff out new home

Dogs Trust Loughborough is looking for an extra special home for a doggie duo who have been affectionately nicknamed ‘the odd couple’ by staff.

Seven-year-old Husky Kenzie and his dinky eight-year-old companion, West Highland Terrier Cross, Bobby, are an unusual canine combination but the team are hoping that the fact that they are so different from each other, won’t stop them from finding their ideal home at the double.   

Celine Di Crocco, manager at Dogs Trust Loughborough, says:

“We often get pairs of dogs in but they tend to be quite similar in size, personality and have similar needs. These two couldn’t be more different, but it’s certainly a case of opposites attract, as they are totally inseparable!

“Kenzie is very confident whereas Bobby is quite shy and literally prefers to be in Kenzie’s shadow, following in his footsteps. Also, although they are only a year apart in age, Bobby is more like a little old gentleman whereas Kenzie is very bouncy and enthusiastic about life!

“They do love to play together but whereas Kenzie would benefit from getting out and about, exploring the countryside, Bobbie would prefer a nice interesting walk a few times a day and then time to snooze before Kenzie returns from his adventures!”

The two found themselves homeless after a change in circumstances meant their family could no longer meet their differing needs. Now the two are hoping to find a new home where they are the only dogs but they can live with children aged 15 and over.

If you think you could provide Bobby and Kenzie with their ideal home, please call Dogs Trust Loughborough on 0300 303 0292