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What it's like to live with a Greyhound


Gareth arrived with us back in July as a retired racing greyhound and has been here at Loughborough ever since. Gareth has recently left his kennel and for a short getaway in a more relaxing environment with one of our fantastic foster carers. We spoke with them to find out what Gareth was like to live with in a home.

Tina says:

"For anyone who likes the idea of a large dog but is concerned about the amount of exercise required then Gareth the Greyhound is ideal. He is happy with a 10-minute walk first and 30-40 minute’s mid-afternoon. Gareth is a gentle giant, a typical laid back greyhound who was quick to relax once he’d been left to settle in the lounge and explore the ground floor of our home at his own pace."

"He was at his most playful after eating – he found a squeaky toy under a dog bed and was playing with it. If it wasn’t raining he enjoyed exploring the garden and running across the lawn. The rest of the time he was happy to stretch out on the rug or on a blanket on one of our sofas."

Gareth quickly makes it clear if he's had enough exercise and will do a U-turn to let you know he’s ready to go home. He loves to walk through woodlands and around fields ideally away from traffic and scary cars that can make him a little nervous.

We're so proud of how well Gareth has settled into a home environment and a big thank you to his fosterers for making him so welcome. We're hoping somebody will see that having a greyhound is not as tasking as may be perceived and that our resident greyhounds are in fact notorious nappers most of the time!

Come and meet Gareth at Loughborough Rehoming Centre