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Aussie’s Paw’some Adventures

Here at Dogs Trust West London, based in Harefield, we are extremely fortunate enough to have such wonderful volunteers who come and give their time so generously to the dogs.

Labrador Cross, Aussie, is a sensitive lad who takes a while to get to know new people. He is an extremely clever boy, who adores food and enjoys his training sessions with his special human friends.

Two of our volunteers, Leigh and Jules have been spending some extra time getting to know Aussie so that they can take him out of the kennels and out on off-site walks. Every Sunday, they take Aussie to the lake to give him a break from kennel life. He really enjoys having a swim (especially in this hot weather!), learning some new tricks and spending time with his favourite human pals. Aussie has a few doggie buddies here at the centre so sometimes his friends come with him to the lake for an adventure.

If you would like to provide a ‘yappy’ ever after for Aussie, or one of our other residents, then please contact Dogs Trust West London in Harefield on 01895 453 930 or pop down and visit the centre.