'Let's go offsite!'

The three magic words. Our canine carers love taking our dogs ‘offsite’ - it’s somewhere new to explore and seeing how happy it makes the dogs makes us happy too!

What is ‘going offsite’?

Well, this is anywhere away from the main centre. It could be a public footpath, a country park, a village and so on. We’re lucky to have lots of areas around us that are filled with fields and beautiful scenery.

Why do we go offsite?

  • Encourages dogs to use their nose and sniff new places and areas.
  • Some dogs have only ever lived in kennels and it varies their day to go somewhere new.
  • Encourages dogs to get into the car knowing they’re going somewhere fun.
  • Sets them up for a realistic home life, building confidence in new areas.
  • Seeing people out of uniform and other dogs
  • Helps us assess how our dogs will be around livestock, car travel, walking on the lead etc.

We love seeing our dogs enjoyment when they’re exploring somewhere new! We recently took Callie for an offsite walk and she had a fabulous time using her nose and taking in her surroundings.

Callie is still searching for her perfect home, if you’d like to find out more check out her profile: