Could these Greyhounds race into your life?

Dogs Trust Loughborough has 4 gorgeous Greyhounds looking for their new forever homes.

Aero is a sweet and sensitive boy who is looking for a quiet home where he can adjust to life at his own pace. He’d like to meet canine friends on his walks and potentially share his home with another well matched friend that could help him gain confidence as he settles into a new life. Find out more about Aero on his profile.


Grace is a 2 year old greyhound who loves people! She’s an excitable and bouncy girl who would benefit from having people around for her whilst she settles into her new home. She needs a home with access to quiet walking routes where she won’t bump into other dogs. Her perfect home would quiet, rural and no neighbouring dogs. Find out more about Grace on her profile.


Georgia is a 5 year old greyhound looking for a quieter home, ideally with a well matched canine companion that can show her the ropes! Georgia is lacking in confidence and finds the big wide world a scary place so she needs a patient family that will understand her worries. Find out more about Georgia on her profile.


Sooty is a gentle giant, he’s a worried boy who needs an understanding family willing to take things at his pace. Sooty is great at socialising with other dogs and his playful side comes out when he’s off lead with his fellow greyhound friends at the centre. He needs to live with another dog in the home that would help him gain confidence. Find out more about Sooty on his profile.