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Sprinkle a little Magic…

Magic currently lives in one of Dogs Trust Loughborough's fantastic foster homes; we spoke with her foster carer Fiona about what people could expect from day to day life if they adopted Magic.

Magic’s day starts with an exuberant welcome as everyone comes downstairs, followed by a sniff around the garden and breakfast.

She’s happy to have a little snooze after that but is very excited when it’s time for her first walk. Only twenty minutes long, as she needs to build the strength in her hind legs. The thrill of being out does mean she pulls a bit at first, but she settles down after a few minutes.                 

Magic has to wear a muzzle in public places in case a dog runs up to her, but she doesn’t react when dogs walk past. After all that effort, it’s time for another nap!

Magic’s now ready for a little mental stimulation, and shows off her tricks. She’s very adept at ‘sit’ and ‘paw’; anything for a bit of chicken!

Later on, Magic has another short walk followed by a short session of walking over poles to strengthen her hind legs. She’s doing well until she spots a squirrel, which she’s very keen to chase!

After dinner, Magic settles down for the evening. She’s happy to take over an arm chair, but would much rather you joined her snuggled up on the sofa.

To find out more about Magic, please take a trip to the rehoming centre at Hill Farm, Wide Lane, Leicestershire, LE12 6SE, call 01509 273349.