Dogs Trust

UPDATE: Our rehoming centres are closed until further notice, however we are now able to rehome a small number of our amazing dogs. Each dog’s profile will let you know if they are looking for a new home. For the time-being, we are unable to register your interest for dogs who are not yet available for rehoming.

Ready, Steady, Sniff!

Dog playing with toy

Volunteers at Dogs Trust Loughborough have come together to convert our training barn into the ultimate sniffing ground!

The barn was filled with boxes, puzzle feeders, plant pots and much more whilst we bought in the hounds to sniff around.

We hid a handful of tasty, smelly treats around and let the dogs use their noses to find them. Gravy bones were a firm favourite along with some meaty biscuits. It was such a joy to see how every dog was so different in their method of sniffing. Lana was very logical and so was Biscuit, whereas Rosie the pug left her own scent by rolling around on a tasty sprat!

These sessions are held weekly at Dogs Trust Loughborough and it’s a great way for our volunteers to spend time with our dogs. It also benefits our dogs hugely; it’s great fun and really enriching. They love to snoop around and keep their minds busy!