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A step in the right direction!

Muffin from Dogs Trust Loughborough takes a new trip

Muffin at Dogs Trust Loughborough

For some a visit to somewhere new is an exciting prospect, but for others like Muffin it can be quite a challenge. 

Muffin is a girl of routine and expects consistency throughout her day, from feeding times to walks and even down to the handlers that she interacts with. She likes familiarity and it’s something that she feels comfortable with. We feel it’s important for Muffin to encounter some new experiences, so with some encouragement we’re introducing new places to her that she can enjoy.

Our Education House is a fundamental part of our centre here at Loughborough. It re-creates a natural home environment so our dogs can experience the feeling of a home before they go to live in one. It’s a great way of introducing our dogs to things they may encounter in a home, such as stairs, cupboards, a noisy washing machine and patio doors. Sadly for Muffin, her experience of living in a home environment is minimal, so we were sure that this would be a new experience for her.

To get to the Education House, it would mean walking the opposite way to Muffin's usual routine walk. The same walk she has chosen to take for the past two years here with us. We gathered a handful of Muffin's favourite Canine Carers and took to the alternative route with plenty of tasty treats and encouragement. As you can see from the photo, Muffin made it to our Education House and has since visited a few more times. Now she’s getting used to a home environment all she needs is a proper home to call her own!

If you would like to find out more about Muffin, please contact the Loughborough Rehoming Centre.