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Jake makes a splash!

Find out how Dogs Trust Loughborough help their residents with hydrotherapy.

American Bulldog, Jake, in Dog Trust Loughborough's hydrotherapy tank.

New situations are something that Jake can struggle with, but when Dogs Trust Loughborough took him to the Hydrotherapy Suite he surpassed all of our expectations!

Jake is a five-year-old American Bulldog and has spent over a year with us at Loughborough. He’s won over so many of our staff members and he’s a joy to spend time with. He gives the best hugs and really brightens up your day.

Our resident Hydrotherapist Claire Richardson works with many of our dogs on site. Hydrotherapy can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, whether it be medical conditions, weight loss programmes or purely for enrichment. Jake is currently having hydrotherapy sessions to build up the strength in his muscles and improve his overall mobility.

After a few initial visits it was time to introduce Jake to the water; he took it all in his stride and with the aid of some tasty treats Jake was walking in the tank in no time. We’ve seen Jake’s confidence grow massively and he seems really relaxed, allowing him to enjoy his time in the hydrotherapy tank.

After a short session we gave Jake a break, although he was keen to carry on! We showered down his legs and towel dried him off, and now we can’t wait to see Jake back in for more hydrotherapy. We think he’s a natural!

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