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“You’ve got a furriend in me”

Friendship Day

Earlier this month National Friendship Day inspired us to talk about our Canine Carer’s and their best friends!

Here at the centre we have ‘Project Pal’ programme where a dedicated member of staff works with their dog as frequently as possible. Activities can include things like training, dog mixing or sometimes just some TLC. We asked a handful of our Canine Carers about their best friends to find out more about them!

Elsa is a 2 year old German shepherd who’s looking for a quiet adult only home with no other pets.

Laura says: ‘I love how Elsa recognises her favourite people instantly and does the most gorgeous head tilt. Her greetings are incredible! Walking on site is so routine for her but taking her offsite, you see a completely different dog – rolling in grass and sniffing absolutely everything. A sophisticated lady, her favourite perfume is fox poo!’

Sir Ollie is a 7 year old Hound who would like to share his home with another dog and adults only.

Jason (his project pal) says: “Sir Ollie’s greetings always make me smile with his cute bounces and wiggly body! He’s an amazing and handsome dog who loves to explore the outdoors and catch some rays with his favourite people. I love seeing him curled up in a little ball with the other dogs he shares his kennel with.”

Muffin is a 6 year old Mastiff who is looking for a home with no other pets and 2 adults maximum, she’d enjoy a large garden that she can explore.

Sarah says: ‘Muffin can be very shy initially, but once you’re in her little friendship circle, you’re a member for life! She loves a good fuss and cuddle, or to sunbathe together. She has taught me that patience is a virtue when it comes to dog training but the hard work definitely pays off. She also has the best squishy face ever!’

Chase is a 6 year old Lurcher looking for an adult only home where he can enjoy being the only pet.

Charlotte says: ‘Chase is a beautiful, amazing boy! He has taught me a lot in terms of dog training and personal growth too. He always greets me with a massive waggy tail and a happy song. I can’t understand why he’s still here.’

Last but not least is Nemo! He’s a 6 year old Labrador cross looking for a home with maybe a nice, calm dog and/or possibly a cat, and a maximum of two adults.

Emma says: ‘Nemo completely changed my life since working with him because he has so much more to offer than what is immediately visible on that first meet. He’s really loving, very cuddly and I can teach him to do absolutely anything. He’s a total people pleaser! He’s the best lapdog ever; he just doesn’t know his size!’

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