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‘Sticky’ dogs at DT Loughborough

Here at the centre in Loughborough we sadly have some dogs that have been in kennels for a long time. These are known as our ‘sticky’ dogs and usually have individual behavioural issues that have stemmed from past experiences.

Each of these dogs here at the centre have a special ‘project pal’ assigned to them to help them work through training programs specifically designed to overcome their challenging behaviour and help them to transition to life in a new home. The relationship between our sticky dogs and their carers is very special. They build strong, trusting, loving relationships that go a long way in helping the dogs to find their forever home. Essentially they are not only their trainer but also their best friend.

But understandably, most people find the idea of taking on a dog that requires on-going training a daunting prospect. But here at the centre we only use reward based training which is a lot of fun for both dogs and their adopters and seeing the improvement in the dogs is hugely rewarding. The training is not as scary as you may think and is a fantastic way to bond with your dog.

We are in no doubt that these dogs are capable of becoming loving, trusting and fun members of a new family and if you are willing to work alongside our staff then you can reap the benefits of providing a home for a dog that otherwise may not have been given a chance.

Every dog that comes through the Loughborough doors is extremely special and loved, however our dogs that need a little more input are very close to our hearts after already showing that with time, patience and understanding they can trust again despite their fears.

If you have the time to dedicate to one of these very special pooches then why not come along to the centre and chat to their carers about their individual rehoming process. Giving a home to one of these incredible dogs will be a fulfilling and satisfying experience.


Molly – Shy and reserved, Molly is seven years old and has spent six and a half years living in kennels. Having not experienced much of the real world it takes her time to gain trust in both new people and unfamiliar situations. However once you have bonded with Molly her mischievous and loyal nature will begin to shine. Molly is very worried by men so is looking for a single female owner who has a quiet set up and access to remote rural countryside walks. She is an extremely intelligent lady, fully house trained and walks nicely on the lead. Molly will need time to slowly settle in to a home environment and her new family will need to be happy to spend time with her carer Sarah, who will help you understand more about her behaviour and how best to introduce her to your home. Once settled in a home, Molly is likely to be a laidback couch hogger who just enjoys the simple things in life.

Amber – Four year old Amber first came in to the care of Dogs Trust three and a half years ago. She is a loving yet sensitive girl who gets a lot of comfort from spending time with those that she loves. Amber is one of our most intelligent dogs on site and will need to be kept mentally stimulated in her new home with tasks such as search games or click training. Although Amber does have a history of being good with dogs, long term kennelling has led to an increase in her stress and reactivity levels around other dogs. She is working on her distraction work and socialisation skills with her carer Grace and it will be important for her new family to get to grips with this training and understand why Amber reacts the way she does. Amber is a real character and is likely to be very chilled our and calm in her home when you are with her and will relish a close relationship with her new family.

Vernon – Six year old cheeky chap Vernon has been in kennels for the past four years. Playing with toys, training, and a game of chase around the paddock are just a few of Vernon's favourite things, and you can guarantee he will do all of them with a wagging tail! We have found that by giving Vernon the chance to go at his own pace with getting to know you, you can build a great relationship with him and reap the rewards of having this incredible, clever, happy boy around you. Vernon will need a quiet home with people who can help him to adjust to the sights and sounds of a home environment, including providing him with his own little "safe" area in the house to have some "me-time" when he feels the need to. Colleen his carer has been working with Vernon in our Homework House to help with this transition and, as with all his training, he is doing great. A family who is able and willing to continue with all areas of Vernon's training is essential. Vernon also has a medical condition with his eyes that requires drops twice a day. After receiving lots of training he now allows the drops to me given with no fuss. His condition costs will be covered by Dogs Trust Shared Adoption Scheme. He is sure to brighten up the lives of his new family.