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Puppies dumped and left to die as temperatures plummet

Five young puppies dumped in a crate late at night in freezing cold temperatures are being nursed back to health at our rehoming centre in Leeds.

The five 15-week-old pups - who all have a chronic skin infection which has resulted in them losing their fur - were spotted by a local dog walker. They had been abandoned near a hedge next to a golf course, and were rushed to the rehoming centre by the dog warden and kind-hearted members of the public.

Amanda Sands, rehoming centre manager in Leeds says:

"It was a horrendous sight. The metal dog crate they were in was far too small so there was hardly any room for them to move; they were all virtually on top of each other. The poor things were having to sit in their own excrement, there was no bedding whatsoever and it was very, very cold, and as they've lost their fur they had absolutely no protection from the weather. It was awful. We have no doubt they would not have survived the night if they hadn't been found.

"We got them out of the crate immediately and made sure they were clean, then gave them food and water which they were desperate for. We got them lots of comfy bedding and settled them down for the night which took some time as they are extremely friendly and playful!"

The pups have been named Tiger, Rory, Birdie, Caddy and Chip. When they arrived at the centre they were checked over by one of our vets and are currently being treated for mange, a highly contagious skin disease which causes intense itching, usually as a result of scratching to relieve the irritation, the dogs hair falls out, as is the case with the hairless pups.

Amanda says:

"We can never understand why someone would do this. Fortunately they are all recovering well and are full of fun, just as they should be, so very soon they will be looking for their forever families. Following their horrendous start in life we will now find them loving homes with people who will give them all the love and care they deserve."

Anyone with information about these puppies, and how they came to be left is urged to contact the RSPCA Cruelty line on 0300 123 4999.

If you can provide one of these pups with a loving home,
please contact Dogs Trust Leeds on 0300 303 0292