Mickey and Margo hoping for some luck on Friday 13th! | Dogs Trust

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Mickey and Margo hoping for some luck on Friday 13th!

Our team in Leeds are hoping Friday 13th will be fourth time lucky for two special homeless hounds.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mickey and Crossbreed Margo arrived at the rehoming centre within two months of each other and have seen three Friday 13ths come and go along with plenty of their canine companions, but sadly they are still waiting for their perfect partners.

Now we're hoping that on one of the unluckiest days of the year, they will both defy the odds and finally find the loving homes they deserve.

Amanda Sands, Dogs Trust Leeds Manager, says:

“Mickey is eight and Margo is six and both love going for long walks. Margo in particular loves a good run and a game of fetch too, whilst Mickey loves his toys and is just generally very energetic!”

Both are looking for homes where they are the only dog so they can lap up all the attention.

Amanda adds:

“They are both really sweet and loving and really deserve a second chance. Margo can be a little anxious around men so needs patient owners who will help build her confidence and Mickey doesn’t like to be left home alone so he too will need time to settle.

“Despite the superstition that Friday 13th brings bad luck, we’re really hoping potential new owners will put any superstitions to one side and consider rehoming these two and giving them the homes they really deserve.”

If you think you could be the owners Margo and Mickey have their paws crossed for please call the centre on 0300 303 0292.