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Could you help these dogs find homes in time for Christmas?

Once again, this Christmas will see the team at Dogs Trust Leeds giving dogs that have found themselves without a home, the best Christmas possible whilst they wait for their special someone. 

The charity’s slogan, ‘A Dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ is as relevant today as it was when it was first adopted 40 years ago, as sadly each year hundreds of dogs are handed over to the team at the York Road rehoming centre. The staff look after strays, smuggled puppies and of course dogs who have had to leave their families for a variety of reasons, from illness in the family to relationship breakdown or a change in working hours. 

Whilst at Dogs Trust Leeds, every dog is given everything they need but they all have their paws crossed in the hope of finding a forever family once more. 

Here are some of the dogs who are hoping to have found a space on the sofa in their ideal homes in time for Christmas Day. 

12 Dogs of Christmas

Name: Buster

Age: 9    

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier 

Buster is a super fun boy who loves to get out and about – he has no idea he is getting on in years and behaves rather like a puppy! 

He found himself at Dogs Trust Leeds after a change in his owner’s circumstances meant they could no longer give him the attention they know he deserves, and although this playful pooch is enjoying all his home comforts in one of the charity’s foster homes at the moment, he is ready to find his forever home. 

He loves to play with his two and four-legged friends and would like to find an adult only home where his owners are around most of the time, at least whilst he settles in. 

Dog: Harley

Age: 18 months

Breed: Siberian Husky 

Handsome Harley is a very lively boy who loves to be kept busy, busy, busy as he is very clever and loves to learn new things – but he usually only needs to be shown once and he’s got it licked! He has bags of potential and just needs the chance to shine.

He loves interesting walks so is looking for an active family who enjoy exploring as much as he does. He would like to be the only dog in an adult only home with owners who will find doing training with him as enjoyable as Harley finds it! He doesn’t like to be left home alone so would like his owners by his side all the time. 

Dog: Dennis

Age: 14    

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier 

Dennis is a lovely Older Age Pooch (OAP) who still has lots of life in him! He may be small but he has a big personality and although his hearing and sight aren’t as good as they were in his younger years, he still loves a good long walk where he can sniff around to his heart’s content. 

He likes his own space so doesn’t want to be fussed too much in his new home until he has built a bond with his family - which tasty treats will help with! 

Diminutive Dennis can be anxious around other dogs so would love to enjoy his walks in quieter areas and he will need to be the only dog in the home. He enjoys a snooze so should be fine to be left on his own for a few hours. 

Dog: Dylan

Age: 3    

Breed: Lurcher 

Dashing Dylan loves to dash about! This bubbly young boy has lots of energy and is never happier than when he is having a good run in the fields at the rehoming centre! 

He loves the company of his human pals and would fit in well to a home with children over the age of 12 who can enjoy his giddiness. He can also live with another dog – especially one that loves a good run like this long-legged boy does. 

He would love a secure garden in his new forever home so he can play and run to his heart’s content. 

Dog: Bobba (pictured above)

Age: 2

Breed: American Bulldog  

Bobba is a big friendly giant who loves to say hello to everyone he meets! 

He is extremely playful and forgets his size so for that reason the team feel he’d be better in an adult only home. 

He is still a young boy and would thrive in a home with owners who are willing to put time into helping this boisterous boy learn some manners, such as not jumping up, and continuing with his training. 

Once he is settled in and has enjoyed his exercise and some mental stimulation. he should be fine to be left on his own to relax for a short time.

Dog name: Tara


Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross    

Tara is an Older Age Pooch but despite her advancing years she is still full of beans!

She is very playful and loves her toys and thoroughly enjoys getting out and about. She is happy to be around other dogs but as an older lady would like to be the only dog in the home, not least as she loves attention and likes to have all the cuddles to herself. 

Tara could live in a home with teenagers who want a fun dog to be part of their family. Once she is settled in her new home Tara should be fine on her own for a few hours to have an afternoon snooze. 

Dog: Willow

Age: 7

Breed: Border Collie Cross   

Willow is a sweet girl who although she can be a little shy to begin with, is really friendly once she gets to know you. She loves a tasty treat too which helps build a bond! 

She is a clever girl and if she knows there’s a piece of hot dog or similar on offer she is happy to show you just how bright she is. 

As she is shy Willow would like an adult only home where she is the only dog and she would prefer a home where there aren’t too many people coming and going. She would love a secure garden to play in. She will need her new owners to meet her a few times at Dogs Trust Leeds before she heads home.

Dog: Midge

Age: 3

Breed:  Terrier Cross

Midge is a quirky little fellow who loves cuddles once he has had the chance to get to know you and build a bond. 

He thoroughly enjoys a trip out in the car and is happy to have canine companions accompanying him on his walks but he’d like to be the only pet in his new adult-only home. 

The team describe him as ‘super smart’ so he will benefit from owners who will love to keep his brain busy, as well as take him on adventures. 

He doesn’t like to be left home alone so particularly at first he will need owners who are around all the time. He is anxious around unfamiliar men so he will want to meet his new owners several times at the rehoming centre so he can grow in confidence before heading home.

Dog: Sushi

Age: 7

Breed: German Shepherd Cross 

Sushi arrived at Dogs Trust in May and so has seen the seasons come and go and is hoping she will find her forever home before Winter sets in. 

She loves to play with her two and four-legged friends and although she is very lively, she loves to have a cuddle too. 

She can be a little anxious in new situations so is looking for patient adult owners who love her for who she is and will give her the time to let her loving personality shine through. She would like to be the only pet in the home but loves to play with other dogs when she’s out and about. 

Dog: Felix

Age: 3

Breed: Husky Cross

Felix was originally adopted from Dogs Trust Leeds as a puppy and has found himself back at the rehoming centre through no fault of his own. 

He is a bouncy boy who adores his toys, is super affectionate and never shies away from being in the limelight. 

He will need to be the only dog in the home and needs owners who can help him build up his confidence around his canine companions, so would prefer to be walked in quieter areas and would love a secure garden to play in. He may be best suited to an adult only home but could potentially live with teenagers.   

Dog Name: Jasper

Age: 10

Breed: Border Collie    

Jasper is a typical Border Collie who loves to be kept busy physically and mentally! He loves to learn new things and is very playful but he can be a little anxious on occasion so would like a quieter home. 

He would love an owner who enjoys training as much as him and would suit a forever home with people who are used to loving and looking after quirky Collies. He needs a quiet adult only home and could potentially live with another dog but the team feel he may be better suited to being the only dog in the home to begin with. He will be a wonderful, loyal companion if he is given the second chance this older chap deserves. 

Dog Name:  Star

Age: 13yrs    

Breed: Crossbreed   

Star arrived in Spring this year due to a change in her family’s circumstances. 

She is a shy but easy going and affectionate older lady who is looking for a retirement home where she can rest her paws. But despite her advancing years she still loves a game of fetch with her favourite thing – a tennis ball! 

She prefers to be walked in quieter areas and would like to be the only dog in the home so she can have all the love to herself. She can live with older children and doesn’t like to be left home alone so the more her two-legged friends are around, the better. 

Star is in a foster home so if you would like to meet her please call Dogs Trust Leeds in advance. 

If you think you could offer any of these dogs their ideal homes, please call the centre on 0300 303 0292.