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Could you be the special someone for these homeless hounds?

As the summer holidays come to an end, Dogs Trust Leeds is hoping the autumn chill in the air and darker evenings, don’t deter dog lovers who love getting out and about with their canine companions, from visiting the rehoming centre and giving a dog a forever home.

As always, lots of dogs are waiting for their new owners to walk through the doors of the centre and these are just some who have their paws crossed.

Name – Duke
Breed – Whippet
Age – 18 months

Duke arrived at the rehoming centre in August after sadly being found as a stray.

He’s a lovely friendly boy, but can be a little anxious so he takes time to build a bond with his two-legged friends. Once he knows you, he loves you and if you have some tasty sausage, that definitely speeds up the bonding process!

He is very affectionate, loves attention and is very playful, preferring the company of human pals to canine companions.

He is a joy to walk but would benefit from his brain being kept busy with some basic training classes. He can live with older teenage children and would love to have a secure garden to run around in. He isn’t overly keen on the car but once he knows there’s a great day out at the end of the journey the team are sure he’ll soon love it!

Names: Patch & Winston
Breeds: Jack Russell Cross and Terrier Cross
Age: 8 & 10

This gorgeous pair found themselves homeless after their owner sadly died.

They are totally devoted to each other and love doing everything together, including walking, sleeping on a comfy sofa and playing! But they always have time to show their love for their human pals too, being very affectionate.

Patch is the livelier of the two-some but also loves a cuddle on your knee and Winston can happily entertain himself with his toys whilst his canine companion is having a cuddle.

They would love to be the only pets in the home and could live with teenage children. As they have each other for company once they are settled into their forever home they will be happy to be home alone for a few hours.

Name - Lenny
Breed – Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Age – 10

Lenny has found himself homeless after a change in his owners’ work commitments meant they could no longer give this older boy the time and attention al dogs deserve.

To sum Lenny up in three words he is awesome, friendly and affectionate! For an older boy he is still quite active, loving walks little and often and he thoroughly enjoys mooching around the garden.

Lenny is currently in a foster home and would love to live in an adult only home where he will have company most of the time. He should be OK with older visiting children and when it comes to four-legged friends, although he is happy to say hello to dogs when he is out and about he would like to be the only pet in the home.

As Lenny is enjoying the home comforts of life with a foster carer if you would like to meet him please call the centre first.

Name: Merlin
Breed: Border Collie
Age: 2 and a half years old

Merlin is a typical clever Collie who loves his walks but he is a sensitive soul so he needs to live in a quieter, rural area as he doesn’t like to be around traffic.

He is a stunning boy who attracts attention wherever he goes but he will need a quiet adult only home with patient owners who are happy to take their time to build a bond with this very special boy.

He came to the centre because his owners’ working hours changed but is longing for a home where he can continue his training so he can fulfil his full Collie potential. As he likes peace and quiet, Merlin isn’t on view at the centre so please speak to a member of the team at Dogs Trust Leeds if you think you could be his special someone.

Name: Tufty
Breed: Greyhound
Age: 3

Tufty arrived at the rehoming centre with an injured leg and was very anxious but with lots of love and care she has started to come out of her shell.

She is a very sweet girl but is very shy so she will need to meet her new potential owners several times at the centre before heading home with them. She is an affectionate girl when she has had the chance to get to know you and is proving to be very playful.

She needs a quiet adult only home where she can relax, continue to grow in confidence and enjoy life to the full.

To find out more about any of these dogs, please contact Dogs Trust Leeds on 0300 303 0292.