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The hills are alive with the sound of Buzz!

Canine Carers give up their day off to take a special boy on a big adventure.

One of our littlest residents received the biggest treat last weekend when his favourite handlers came in on their day off to take him out for the day.

Buzz is a 2yr old Terrier Cross who arrived at the centre in August and his handlers have noticed that he is at his happiest when he is out exploring the world. He is fine being in his kennel, especially when he has someone to play with in there, but once he’s out on a nice long walk there is just no stopping him.

CC2 Trainer Kat Wimbles said:

“When Buzz arrived at the centre he was very unsure of the world, and although he can still get a little nervous around certain environments he has made exceptional progress. He really seems to love being out on off-site walks, and getting away from the hustle and bustle of centre life appeared to really help build his confidence. With this in mind, we thought it was time to give him a big treat for all his hard work.”

Canine Carer Suzie Douglas adds:

“We thought that he would love a full day out somewhere he can really explore, and with the stunning Yorkshire Dales on our doorstep it seemed like a no brainer, and boy were we right! From the moment we arrived, Buzz led the way and 9 miles later he was still loving it. It was a real treat to see the little man so happy.”

On his walk Buzz had to deal with a number of environments that would previously have worried him, but his new found confidence saw him happily trotting through fields of livestock (on lead of course), passing by noisy traffic, encountering new people and dogs and experiencing England’s highest waterfall!

Kat concludes:

“All in all Buzz not only had a great day out, he showed just how far he has come with his training. A few months ago all the things he encountered would have been very daunting for him, but he handled it all like a pro!  We are both so proud of him and really hope the video shows people just what a wonderful boy he is.”

If you could offer Buzz his forever home, please contact the Leeds rehoming centre on 01132814920.

Check out Buzz’s full profile for more info here.