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Missy is missing her home comforts!

Going the extra mile to help 3 legged Boxer prepare for life in a home.

Staff at the Leeds rehoming centre always go above and beyond when it comes to their day to day work commitments, and one way that Canine Carer Hayley likes to give that little bit extra is by taking one of our rescue dogs to her home on a weekly basis.

Missy arrived at the Leeds rehoming centre just before Christmas 2017. She was found as a stray and was heavily pregnant. Thankfully she was found and once with us she delivered a litter of gorgeous pups just a week before Christmas day!

She was a fantastic mother to her brood. Feeding and cleaning them herself, until they were old enough to fly the nest. Her pups all went off to their forever homes in February 2018 thanks to the great start she gave them. Unfortunately poor Missy is still waiting for her Special Someone to come along.

Hayley says:

“I’ve been working with Missy for some time now and to say I’m in love with her would be an understatement! She’s a super girl who just loves life. Having only 3 legs does not slow her down at all and she’s so much fun.

It dawned on me a few months ago that as she’d come in as a stray we didn’t know how she might react to home life. Everyday things like vacuum cleaners, dishwashers or even mobile phones can be quite daunting to a dog who isn’t used to them, so I just thought let’s find out. I live only a 5 minute drive from the centre so I decided that I’d take her home with me for an hour or so one afternoon to see what she made of a house. I was amazed how she immediately made herself at home, claiming half the sofa with a good view out of the window where she could have a good nosey!

Since then I’ve brought her home every week and it’s been really beneficial for her. I’ve been able to observe her reactions to everyday life and what is so clear now is that she is absolutely ready to be in a home of her own.”

Please take a minute to watch the little video below and you can see for yourself what an asset Missy would make to the right home, and contact the centre on 0113 281 4920 if you might be able to offer her a permanent sofa to chill on!