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Margo ain’t afraid of no ghost!

Looking for a ghost-busting Dog? Who you gonna call?

Dogs Trust Leeds found itself at the centre of a major supernatural incident today when the rehoming centre was plagued by pesky poltergeists and ghastly ghouls!

A number of staff members complained of strange goings on throughout the grounds, and CCTV even caught some frightening footage which appeared to show a real ghost roaming the centre terrorising staff and volunteers alike.

Thankfully we have our very own Ghostbuster on site. Mighty Margo, a 5yr old Staffy, soon saw off the spine-chilling spectre, and its cronies leaving the centre ghost-free once again.


Fellow Ghostbuster and CC2 Rehomer Amy said:

“It all happened so quickly! There we were enjoying some quiet kennel time when suddenly Margo’s rubber phone rang and we were called into action. Luckily for the staff Margo knows what she’s doing so the cheeky ghosts didn’t stand a chance!

With these amazing skills I really can’t understand why Margo is still here and hasn’t been snapped up yet. She’d be a real asset to any home and not just for busting ghosts. She’s super playful and loves her toys, and although she can be very nervous at first, once there is a bond she is unbelievably loving and affectionate.”

Incredibly it was all captured on camera and the footage can be viewed below.

If you are in need of a super gorgeous, playful, cuddly ghost-busting dog in your life, then you know who to call!

Alternatively, check out Margos’s full profile here.