Out and about with Rumba

Join our gorgeous Greyhound on a fun day out.

We always like to give our dogs as much time out of their kennels as possible, and one of our boys in particular really enjoys his little adventures.

Rumba, a 6-year-old Ex-racing Greyhound, is often taken for walks off-site, so we decided to join him this week to show what a good boy he is out in the real world. Take a look at the video below and you can see for yourself.

He is always so happy to see his handlers and gets super excited when he sees his muzzle and harness because he knows that this means time for walkies!

This time we went to the nearby town of Tadcaster. It’s only about 15 minutes away and Rumba travels perfectly, so as soon as we arrived he was ready to enjoy his walk.

He walks beautifully on his lead. He even happily waits at the traffic lights until they turn red and it’s safe to cross. What a clever boy he is!

True to his breed, his natural chase instinct means he wears his muzzle when he’s out and about. It’s nothing to do with aggression. He actually really likes to see other dogs and people.

He isn’t worried by the hustle and bustle of the town and instead simply gets stuck into his sniffing and exploring. Even the uneven ground and steps along the riverside didn’t hold him back.

Throughout the walk we came across unfamiliar people, traffic, industrial lawn mowers, supermarkets and even a herd of cattle, but Rumba showed himself to be the perfect gent and simply enjoyed his walk. He even got a little reward from the owner of a local Doggy Day-care centre who spotted him walking past and just had to say hello!

As soon as it was time to head back to the centre he happily jumped back in the van. Following his walk, he spent some time in one of our offices, as he often does, and within seconds he was out for the count, so we think it’s fair to say he enjoyed his day out.

It was brilliant to see him like this as it really shows us how he’d be out in the big wide world. We can certainly see what an asset he’ll be in his home when he finally gets his happy ending.

Rumba is still looking for his forever home so if you think he’s the boy for you simply call the Leeds rehoming centre on 01135189357 or find out more about him on his profile here: