Lyle’s home visit

Our handsome Lurcher likes to spend time at his handler’s home.

There really is nothing our amazing Canine Carers won’t do for our dogs. They consistently go above and beyond to make our dogs stay as comfortable and stress free as possible.

Lyle is one of our longer-term dogs and aged 4yrs he’s spent a lot of his life in a kennel environment after being found originally as a stray.

Since we didn’t have a history for him, we were unsure what he would be like in a home environment so one of his handlers decided to start taking him to his house for an hour or so to see how he reacted. Happily, he loved it and once he’d had chance to burn off the initial excitement in the garden, he settled down perfectly with a chew and spent the rest of the time chilling on the sofa.


Now Lyle has regular home visits where he can properly chill with his handler and get even more familiar with home life.

This week we joined him on one of these visits and were amazed at what a good boy he was. When we left, he was happily snuggling up on the sofa!


Look at the video below and you can see for yourself the massive potential this amazing boy has in the right hands.

Could Lyle the Lurcher be your paw-fect match?

If you might be the special someone that Lovely Lyle is looking for then you can find out more about his requirements on his profile.

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