Rumba! Rumba! Rumba!

Meet our handsome Greyhound who’s looking for a new start.

This week we have been spending a lot of time getting to know one of our long-legged residents!

Rumba, who is a 5-year-old Greyhound, came to us after retiring from his racing career. His beautiful colouring really make him stand out, not to mention that face! Rumba the greyhound looking at camera  

Don’t be fooled by his ex-racing status though. This doesn’t mean he needs lots of exercise. In fact he quite the lazybones! He loves a nice walk where he can have a good sniff around and watch out for critters, but after about 40 minutes he’s ready to relax on his bed again. If he’s off-lead in a secured field or garden, he will have a ‘mad-minute’ of zoomies and then again he’s ready to chill.


He really enjoys human company too. He’s not one for being overly fussed physically but when he’s in the mood he will come to you for some gentle affection. He really loves a nice scratch behind his ears! Since he likes being with people so much, he spends a lot of time relaxing in one of our offices. Here he gets plenty of treats and attention and snoozes all day in the most crazy and wonderful positions


Although he will take a little time to fully come round, if you let him get to know you in his own time, he will quickly become a very loyal companion. A few treats and giving him his own space will help him feel safe and secure.

 He likes to be left alone to relax when he’s in his bed. It’s a common trait in ex-racers, so if he’s snoozing in his bed just let him be. Once he wakes up he’ll soon come to say hello.

We’ve noticed that Rumba loves to do training and he’s learned lots of little tricks while he’s been with us. He always looks so pleased with himself when he shows off and mixing his training with some playtime makes for a seriously fun afternoon! Take a look at the video below and you can get a real feel for his bubbly personality and lust for life.

Rumba is looking for his forever home NOW so if you think he’s the fun, smart and loyal companion you’re looking for then head to his profile to find out more.